Terms and Conditions

Aan de Stegge Graphics keeper of trading name Allesomteprinten.nl, registered office in Tilburg, Heracles 26, 5048 CG, phone +31 13 533 6625, [email protected], registration with Trade Chamber of Commerce under number 1805 2020, VAT identification NL151878043B01, providing products and / or services under the following conditions:

Article 1: General

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and agreements through www.allesomteprinten.nl, hereinafter AOTP.
1.2 These terms and conditions deviating agreements are only binding on us if confirmed by us in writing.
1.3 General (purchase) of our client do not apply, unless expressly confirmed in writing by us.

Article 2: Order and come to an agreement on

2.1 Orders can be placed via www.allesomteprinten.nl. The confirmation of a digital order will be sent by email.
2.2 By placing an order the buyer agrees to these terms.
2.3 AOTP reserves the right to refuse an order in case of giving deliberately false information, there has been default or other issues which AOTP to magnify the financial risk to supply. Orders that are rejected are denied motivated. The acceptance of an order may be attached as additional general conditions in specific cases.
2.4 In case of knowingly giving false data or any other form of attempted fraud will AOTP to the police / judiciary.
2.5 The agreement is established if AOTP has accepted the order.
2.6 The buyer needs to complete the order to check the contents of the order and data accuracy. Because of the speed of packing and shipping AOTP can not possibly make more changes. Any costs resulting from inaccurate transfer data will be passed to the buyer.

Article 3: Prices

3.1 Prices are in euros, excluding 21% VAT.
3.2 The order and / or shipping costs will be calculated once per order.
3.3 AOTP may adjust prices at any time. Price changes have no effect on contracts already concluded and will be published on www.allesomteprinten.nl.

Article 4: Delivery

4.1 Delivery for orders placed on working days before 16:00, will rule on the next working day. The delivery time is an indication and not a deadline.
4.2 AOTP has no effect on delays caused by the carrier and can not be held responsible here.
4.3 AOTP is obliged the alleged delivery to observe as much as possible. AOTP however, can not be held liable for exceeding the delivery which was reasonably unforeseeable at the time of entering into the agreement. In such cases AOTP has the right to extend the delivery or cancel the contract.
4.4 AOTP is entitled to deliver orders in parts and to invoice.
4.5 If delivery is not made within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed, the buyer is then entitled to cancel the order and he might have to recover already paid. Already paid will be credited in this case within 30 days.
4.6 If refused a shipment or is not collected, AOTP is entitled to recover the costs of transport to the buyer.

Article 5: Odds

5.1 Force majeure means any of our will independent circumstance which temporarily or permanently prevents fulfillment of the agreement.
5.2 In particular, force majeure, provided eea is not already included in 5.1, war, threat of war, civil war, riots, strikes, transport difficulties, fire and other serious disruptions in our business or that of our suppliers.
5.3 majeure AOTP has the right to extend the delivery period by the duration of the force majeure or the contract, to the extent not yet done, to terminate without AOTP in whatever form is liable to pay any compensation, except under the provisions of Article 8 of book 6 of the Civil Code.

Article 6: Transport and risk

6.1 The method of transport, shipping and packaging, if no further instructions are provided by the buyer to AOTP determined by AOTP. Any specific wishes of the buyer concerning transportation / shipping will be executed only if the buyer has declared that it will bear the cost thereof.
6.2 The buyer must in case of delivery of the package to sign the waybill of the carrier for the receipt of the package.
6.3 The Buyer shall immediately upon delivery inspect the contents of the package and immediately report any defects found in the corresponding AOTP.
6.4 Risk of damage and loss of shipments to the purchaser shall be borne by AOTP. Once the items have been taken by the purchaser receiving, the risk of damage and loss to the buyer about.

Article 7: Payment

7.1 The payment options are shown on the site www.allesomteprinten.nl, such as:

  • prepayment
  • Postpay (per invoice)

7.2 Payments by invoice must be made within fourteen (14) days after date of invoice must be credited to the account of AOTP, unless otherwise agreed. AOTP may impose additional conditions for the payment of bills, such as specifying a fixed telephone to verify the order and retrieve extract Chamber of Commerce. It stands to AOTP own assessment always free not to allow a payment per invoice.
7.3 Payment can be by bank. When paying by bank, the date of payment is the date of crediting the bank account of AOTP.
7.4 AOTP always reserves the right of the chosen buyer manner deviating from payment and to impose additional conditions.
7.5 Exceeding the payment buyer from the day that payment should have been in default and the purchaser from that day on a default interest of 1% per month or part of a month on the outstanding amount. In late payment after a reminder from AOTP buyer is also obliged to pay compensation for the collection costs incurred by AOTP, including both judicial and extrajudicial costs of recovery, which are at least 15% of the outstanding amount.
7.6 Exceeding the payment replaces all rebates or possible price fixing.
7.7 If buyer with any payment defaults, AOTP is entitled to suspend or dissolve any further agreements.

Article 8: Retention of title

8.1 Delivered goods remain the property of AOTP until all payment obligations have been met. The risk in respect of all delivered items is already transferred to the buyer at the time of delivery.
8.2 The buyer undertakes now for then to cooperate fully in order to allow us the opportunity to recover the goods with him in which the costs are passed on to the buyer.

Article 9: Warranty

9.1 AOTP guarantees that the delivered goods meet the usual requirements and standards that can be made and are free from any defects.
9.2 under 9.1. said guarantee also applies if the goods to be delivered are destined for use abroad and purchaser of this use AOTP time of entering the contract has explicitly informed AOTP.
9.3 in 9.1 above guarantee is valid evidence for a period of 6 months after delivery, provided that the principal, the unsoundness solely or mainly attributable to on delivery unobservable defects, faulty workmanship or manufacturing or bad material. This arrangement is without prejudice to the rights and claims that the law grants to the purchaser.
9.4 The purchase is evidence regarding the warranty.
9.5 If the delivered goods do not meet these guarantees, AOTP will, within a reasonable time after receipt or, if return is not reasonably possible, in respect of the defect by the buyer after written notice, replaced at the option of AOTP or care for recovery. In case of replacement buyer shall already now undertake to return the replaced good to AOTP property and provide them with AOTP.
9.6 This guarantee does not apply if the defect is caused by improper or inappropriate use or when, have made without the written consent of AOTP, buyer or third party changes or tried to apply to the case or have used it for purposes which the case is not intended.
9.7 If the delivered item does not correspond to what was agreed and this non-conformity is a defect within the meaning of the regulation of the product, then AOTP is in principle not liable for consequential damages. However, among consumers is that if AOTP wishes to rely on the exclusion of liability must take into account the fact that the consumer may invoke the nullity thereof. It is up to AOTP to demonstrate that the clause in the circumstances is not unreasonably onerous.
9.8 By product type is granted several guarantees: Original Printer Supplies warranty. This warranty original printing supplies goes as it is determined by the manufacturer of the item.
9.9 The buyer can not claim warranty in the event:

  • a) the buyer has not fulfilled its payment obligations;
  • b) normal wear and tear;
  • c) improper treatment and / or failure to comply with the instructions;
  • d) changes were made to the article;
  • e) of damage by intent or gross negligence;
  • f) the purchaser and / or made by third parties engaged on their own initiative finishing during the warranty period, modifications or repairs to the delivered or contracted out.

Problems with shipping on or wear by the company responsible for the shipment to AOTP are at risk of the buyer.
9:10 AOTP is never obliged to pay any compensation to the Buyer or others, unless there is intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of AOTP.

Article 10: Return

10.1 The buyer has a period of seven (7) days after receiving the right to terminate the agreement without giving reasons, after consultation with AOTP.
10.2 Returns must be in original packaging, undamaged and postage prepaid to be sent. The buyer is responsible for proper shipping and the risks of transmission. The purchaser shall first notify the return to AOTP. Undeclared shipments are not reimbursed. AOTP reserves the right to repay a portion of the amount if it is suspected that the products have been used or damaged after receipt.
10.3 Upon confirmation of return, the purchaser shall, within five (5) working days to return the order.
10.4 Items must be unused, complete, undamaged and in original packaging. Excluded from return are commissioned by the buyer crafted items and items purchased other than through www.allesomteprinten.nl.
10.5 Already received payments will upon acceptance of the return within 30 days after receipt of the return shipment are reimbursed by AOTP. If only part of an order is returned, the shipping contribution of the original consignment always remain the responsibility of the buyer.

Article 11: Product

11.1 AOTP takes great care to the information of the items. However AOTP is not responsible for it provided incorrect specifications and / or other indications of the articles.
11.2 Images are only approximate and may differ from the actual product. Abnormal images may not give rise to damages and / or rescission of the sale.
11.3 If an offer has a limited duration or subject to conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the offer.

Article 12: Liability

12.1 Unless our profession warranty and except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence on our part all our liability for damages resulting from defects in or sold, either expressly excluded by the purchaser or third parties.
12.2 Unless intent or gross negligence, we are not liable for mistakes made by employees of AOTP or of persons engaged by us in connection with the execution of the agreement.
12.3 We accept no liability for any errors or defects by third parties or the customer goods made available.

Article 13: Privacy

13.1 AOTP attaches great importance to the privacy of its customers. All personal information will remain stored treated with care and protected. Hereby regulatory requirements applicable followed personally. AOTP uses the personal data supplied by the purchaser to process the order and before AOTP Customer and own marketing.
13.2 Personal Information to third parties will not be provided by AOTP without the buyer's consent, unless this is necessary for processing the order and payment.
13.3 Personal data may be amended at the request of the buyer.

Article 14: Disputes

14.1 These general terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law.
14.2 It is possible that you are not satisfied with a product and / or service. Please contact us as soon as possible. This may vary by: www.allesomteprinten.nl or via [email protected] Within 30 days, we will respond to your complaint.
14.3 Disputes will be resolved by mutual agreement.


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