• Cap absorbers (2 ps) - for the Canon iPF TM-plotter
  • Cap absorbers (2 ps) - for the Canon iPF TM-plotter
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Cap absorbers (2 ps) - for the Canon iPF TM-plotter

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The cap absorber for the iPF TM-300 is an important part of cleaning the printhead. It is jointly responsible for the transfer of the waste ink from the print head to the maintenance cassette. Read more
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IMPORTANT! If you replace the printhead, it is also necessary to replace the cap absorbers. If you see ediment on the old cap absorbers, call us (013 533 66 25). Probably the purge unit must be replaced. Stop printing, because there is a chance the printhead breaks again.

You need cap absorbers with the Canon iPF TM-serie.

Cap absorbers, also known as purge unit pads, are small white blocks that play a crucial role in maintaining the proper functioning and longevity of the printheads. The main purpose of cap absorbers is to keep the printheads in optimal condition by performing three important functions:

  1. Cleaning: When the printer is not in use or after a print job is complete, the purge unit cushions act as a resting place for the printheads. They have a soft, absorbent surface that comes into contact with the printhead nozzles, preventing them from drying out. In addition, purge unit pads are designed to hold a small amount of cleaning solution, which is periodically used to clean the printhead nozzles. This cleaning process helps remove any dried ink or debris that may build up on the nozzles and affect print quality.
  2. Humidification: The purge unit cushions help maintain the correct moisture level around the printhead nozzles. Proper humidity is critical to prevent the ink inside the nozzles from drying out, which can lead to clogging and poor print quality. By keeping printheads moist when not actively printing, purge unit cushions ensure they are ready for the next job.
  3. Seal: during printing, the purge unit pads are raised and the printheads begin to eject ink onto the media. When the printing process stops, the purge unit cushions are lowered again and seal the printheads to prevent them from being exposed to dust, air or other environmental factors that can cause clogging or drying out. Overall, purge unit pads play a vital role in maintaining the health and performance of the printheads, ensuring consistent and high-quality printing over time. Regular maintenance and replacement of purge unit pads are essential to prevent potential problems and maximize the life of the printer's printheads.

Want to Know how to replace the cap absorbers? Check this video.

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